Our Company

We are a manufacturing and logistics company that spawned from our digitizing skills learned from embroidering logos at Ignition Drawing. We realized the biggest bottle neck in embroidery factories is getting artwork digitized, sampled and approved with great looking embroidery. We love the challenge of conquering the nitty gritty details that go into art approvals, managing subcontractors, worldwide communications, shipping logistics and building complex software systems. Medals and pins has a lot of similar challenges that we enjoy solving. We own and operate two factories in China and have 50 people in our Seattle office that are all dedicated to doing a better job every day at pleasing our growing customers base.

A Brief History


Launch of our new order processing site that builds a lot of new features that we've been dreaming about for years and cuts our error rate and operating cost significantly.



Arrow Emblems changes to a brand new look and a renewed commitment of being fastest on the planet.


HPI Emblem purchased, giving us 30 years of patch knowledge and a new scale that came from millions a year more in patch volume.


Best Suzhou Chinese patch and embroidery factory purchased and the upgrade process began.


We built our chenille patch factory in Rugao, China because we couldn't find anyone in America that could match our expectations in quality and delivery time.We learned the value of total control and started investing a lot.


Demand was there and it was time to start building a website to automate all the tedious processes we discovered while operating with pdfs, spreadsheets and email. Arrow Emblems was born!


Idea hatched to expand digitizing operations at Ignition Drawing to a line of promotional products. Idea was tested with a spread sheet and Microsoft Outlook.


Digitizing service is added to Ignition Drawing after demand increased for a new service.


Cory founds Artwork Source(since re-branded to Ignition Drawing) to provide low cost, time efficient vector redraw services.


Cory starts working for the family business at Recognition Plus trophy shop.

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